Wattpad App for iPad 2

March 11, 2011 — As the iPad 2 becomes available across the United States today, our most popular app for Wattpad’s interactive eReading community will be available for download on all iPad 2 devices.

With the enhanced processing power of the iPad 2, readers will be better enabled to take complete advantage of the over 2 Million original stories available for free on Wattpad.

The Wattpad community posts one comment every second on over 1 Million app downloads a month as well as on wattpad.com. Authors and publishers who have enhanced their fiction on Wattpad with graphics such as video, slide shows and cover art will be able to take full advantage of the iPad 2’s processing abilities.

The new streamlined design of the iPad 2 will be matched with aesthetic tweaks to the Wattpad app, which will be rolled out in the coming month.

In beta testing, the reaction to the iPad 2 within the Wattpad community has been extremely positive. Many readers have expressed how the detachable magnetic cover will allow them to prop up the iPad 2 to better take advantage of the auto scroll reading mode, without holding the device.

The Wattpad Team