Congratulations to Wattpad writer Brittany Geragotelis!

“Swamped by Offers, Self-Pubbed YA Author Gets Agent and MoreBy Calvin Reid, Publishers Weekly

Since PW published a story about Brittany Geragotelis’s novel Life’s A Witch and the millions of readers she attracted on the online writing community of Wattpad, the self-published author has been overwhelmed with inquiries from publishers, foreign rights agents and TV and film producers. Previously unrepresented, Geragotelis has now signed with a literary agent and a foreign rights agent and is sorting through an avalanche of proposals and related offers for Life’s A Witch and other projects.

When Gerogatelis isn’t moonlighting writing novels, she’s the managing editor of American Cheerleader magazine. But her dream has always been to be a published Young Adult author and over the last six years she’s written six unpublished novels and published her most recent work, Life’s A Witch, as a series on Wattpad. The book is a work of supernatural fiction and is the story of a contemporary teen witch heroine who is descended from a witch executed at the Salem Witch Trials. Gerogatelis self-published Life’s a Witch through Amazon CreateSpace and the book is available in paperback and as an e-book via Amazon and also through B&N’s Nook devices.