Vote for Wattpad in SxSW PanelPicker 2013

We’d like to spread the word about the innovative future we’re building at Wattpad and we need your support! Help us enter as panelists for next year’s SxSW conference by voting for our two submissions in the SxSW PanelPicker 2013. Hear from our CEO & Co-Founder Allen Lau, and Head of Product Mike Beltzner, about:Re-Energizing A Creative, Collaborative Culture

“There’s a community for every interest, you just need to connect to it.”

Mike and Manolo will explore how services like SoundCloud and Wattpad are re-energizing a creative, collaborative culture around the generation of media and content - stories and sounds. Read more

The Next 400 Years of Sharing Stories

Storytelling is entertainment that’s fundamental to human nature; it has been ever since the days when cavemen scrawled rudimentary drawings and painted symbols to tell stories on cave walls.

Allen will explain how Wattpad is a transformative platform - a product and a community that connects readers and writers like never before. Read more

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