All Wattpad wants for its 7th Birthday: your story


Today is Wattpad’s 7th birthday, and to celebrate 7 years of enriching lives through stories, we have decided to feature 7 inspiring stories from the Wattpad community. These stories range from those of individuals who have relied on Wattpad to overcome adversity and bounce back from illness, to stories of people who are trying to change the world and are using Wattpad to do it. To read all 7 stories, visit our brand new Wattpad Stories site.

You’ll notice that there are, in fact, 9 stories on the Wattpad Stories page. The 8th story is the about where all of this came from: the story of how our founders Allen Lau and Ivan Yuen were inspired to create Wattpad.

The 9th story is about you. It is an open call to tell us how Wattpad has enriched your life over the past 7 years. To share your story, tweet it with the hashtag #WattpadLife.

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