FordFiction those who aren’t aware, Wattpad HQ is based in Toronto, Canada. And, yeah, we know our fair city has been in the headlines a lot lately due to the stranger-than-fiction adventures of our mayor Rob Ford.

However, it’s not all outbursts and drunken stupors around here. Some people still find time to write, and this week we were super excited to discover our first Ford-inspired fanfic: "High Times at City Hall"!

Writer Robin Spano, who coincidental already has one fictional story story about the mayor of Toronto, tells us she’s intrigued by Ford as a sort of tragically flawed Winston Churchill. Read her fictional take on this real life spectacle of international proportions.

Writing your own FordFic? Let us know by tagging it #FordNation and we’ll add it to our collection of too-good-to-be-true mayoral tales!