Happy Mother’s Day From Wattpad


Last week we suggested that Wattpadders give their moms the best present of all: stories. We asked you to share the reading list you’d recommend to your mom, and Wattpadders responded with reading lists as diverse as the women who raised them.

One of our favorites was a list by sixteen year-old Kayla, aka Wattpadder whisperrrmyname100x, who selected a mix of mystery/thrillers and romance for her mother,  who she says “has always been there for me through thick and through thin.” YoungAuthor02 opted for a mix of time-tested classics and historical fiction. Another favorite was Wattpad Ambassador WhisperingWater, who curated a list of romantic comedies for all the humorous moms out there.

Thank you to all those who submitted to this contest. Be sure to read the comments for many more #stories4mom.

In addition to contributing reading lists, we were blown away by how many of you shared heartfelt testimonials about your mothers. Here are three testimonials that we found really moving:

My mum has read to me since I was only three months old! She says she read to me when I was in her tummy too. She developed the love of reading in me and never discouraged me from buying a book, or reading all day. Now my mum does not get the time to read, but I know that these are the stories she will enjoy, because my mum is the sappiest person I know.

-Afu, aka Wattpadder Booksrbestfriends

I know that deep inside my mom also loves romance novels. She just hides it. She might say she doesn’t feel those butterflies when reading or watching but I know she does! I know that when my mom reads this reading list she will definitely fall in love with them just like I did!

- Samantha, aka AwkwardDreamer

I used to spend a lot of time with my dad. He was a strict math person, wanting to know how everything would turn out before it did. My brother was the same way.

But my mom… well she liked a different way of thinking. She was the voice of reason, the “let’s evaluate all the options” type. She was the only person would could get me to read.

I hated the smell of books and how quiet libraries were. She wouldn’t make me go, simply bring home small picture books and encourage me to inspect them. Slowly, I began to look at the pictures and then the words. Soon, I was able to immerse myself in a new language. It was overwhelming at first, but together we worked through the Adventures of Amanda and Dino’s Disaster. Words had new meaning and they were exciting!

What made the experience special, however, wasn’t that my mother was teaching me something, it was that she was learning alongside me.

Reading and now writing has blossomed from the feat and this mother’s day is a day to celebrate that. Thank you so much, mom for this and everything you’ve done. You inspire me when you cradle your novels and google translate the words you don’t know.

-Ronnie, aka RonDuberstein

Photo Credit: Beatrix Boros