Superheroes Exist


Some dads can fix a toilet; some can help with your math homework. There are fathers who can give legal advice, or perform brain surgery, or can do 100 pushups. These small acts, in the eyes of children, can make many fathers seem like superheroes. But if they really were superheroes, magically thrown into your favorite blockbuster, what kind of masked defender would your father be?

This Father’s Day we’ve collected stories of supernatural abilities to prove that Superheroes Exist. There are men who take the form of masked vigilantes (no capes, please), other “elites” of the future just trying to act normal, and the occasional detective charged with investigating costumed crime fighters who don’t exactly follow the laws. We have heroes who received their powers from lab experiments gone awry, or by accidentally sticking their fingers in a light socket.

This Father’s Day, write dad into his own comic-worthy story. What crazy accident resulted in his superhuman strength? What costume would he wear? Who is your father’s arch-enemy, and how will he defeat the threat to humanity?

Write your story on Wattpad and tag it “superdads” for the chance to be added to our reading list. And happy Father’s Day to all those real-life heroes, whether they’re hiding out in Gotham City, or in the workshop down the hall.