Covering The Classics


We’ve previously posted the work of Wattpad’s talented community of cover creators, and today we wanted to highlight how they’ve reimagined covers for classic novels on Wattpad from authors like Jane Austen and Oscar Wilde.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be holding a contest to see who can create the best covers for five more classic novels, from Mary Shelley, to Melville, and H.G. Wells.

If you’re not sure how to create a cover, try out the new iOS Wattpad Cover Creator app, free in the app store. If you’d rather work on web, you can also try free websites like PicMonkey, or resize a cover you have already made here.

Cover Contest Details:

1. Pick one of the following stories:

2. How to submit - choose one of the following:

  • Tweet it @Wattpad with the hashtag #WattpadCoverOff
  • Post a link to it on the Wattpad profile in this chapter
  • Post it in the Multimedia Club thread on classic covers

3. Dates & Prizes

  • Submit your cover by August 29th.
  • We’ll announce the winners in early September, and the winners will have a chapter of their classics dedicated to them.

Most importantly, have fun, and best of luck creating!