Introducing: #WattpadBookClub


What better way the celebrate the world’s largest community of readers and writers than with an official Wattpad Book Club? This book club will give users a chance to come together every week on Twitter to talk about the one thing all Wattpadders love: stories.

For the launch of #WattpadBookClub, we’ll be discussing Daniel Garcia’s The Succubus in a Red Dress. It is a paranormal adventure starring nerdy coffee clerk, Delilah, whose mundane life takes a turn when she causes one of her customers to collapse by touching them. The story is an exciting ride that ranges from demon hunters to witches, so make sure you add The Succubus in a Red Dress to your Wattpad library and get reading!

#WattpadBookClub uses a Q&A format; here’s how to participate:

  1. 1. Sign in to Twitter and make sure you are following @Wattpad
  2. 2. Search for the hashtag #WattpadBookClub (or use to follow the conversation
  3. 3. When the chat begins, @Wattpad will ask the first question, beginning the Tweet with “Q1”.
  4. 4. Tweet your answers, and be sure to begin them with “A1” and include the hashtag #WattpadBookClub every time you Tweet
  5. 5. Have fun and and connect with Wattpadders from around the world

Here is the schedule for the first #WattpadBookClub:

  • Thursday, August 28 - 9 PM EST - Prologue - Chapter 3
  • Thursday, September 4 - 9 PM EST - Chapter 4 - 7
  • Thursday, September 11 - 9 PM EST - Chapter 8 - 11
  • Thursday, September 18 - 9 PM EST - Chapter 12 - Epilogue

See you Thursday!