Margaret Atwood presents: Freeze-Dried Fiction Contest


Margaret Atwood, Wattpad's long-time Fairy Godmother, has just released her newest book, Stone Matress, which features nine new short stories.

As part of the release, Margaret has shared the story Freeze-Dried Groom from the book on her Wattpad profile. It's a dark, funny story about a man who bids on an auctioned storage space, only to find a surprise within.

The story leaves readers with a couple more questions than it answers. We're looking for Wattpadders to answer some of these lingering questions. Write a piece of fanfiction inspired by Freeze-Dried Groom, and enter it in the contest by tagging it with #FreezeDriedFiction. The winning story will be chosen and recognized by Margaret herself.

Full details on the contest can be found on Margaret Atwood's Wattpad profile.