100 Million Strong

Over the weekend, Wattpad celebrated its 100 millionth upload. Every one of those uploads have now become a part of the Wattpad story, and we couldn’t be happier about sharing this story with all of you who have shared your own stories on Wattpad.If you haven’t yet posted your story to Wattpad, now is the perfect time. Every day we hear the same story from successful Wattpad writers: that they started off as Wattpad readers, and they never thought they’d write a story.

Until they did.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I843-TEqHKU]

Now it’s your turn to share your story, and we want to help you write it. Take the Just Write It pledge and take advantage of how-to videos from some of Wattpad’s most successful writers. Tell your story, and help us on our way to our next milestone: 1 billion uploads.