Wattpad’s Writer’s Hub demystifies the art of social storytelling

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 4.53.56 PM
Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 4.53.56 PM

Storytelling is evolving - social tools, mobile technology, and story serialization can turn a single chapter into a viral hit. This presents an opportunity so large that it can leave new and established writers wondering, how do I start?

With this question in mind, the Wattpad team crafted a visual experience that guides writers through essential moments for new, established, and aspiring writers. You can experience the Wattpad Writer’s Hub for yourself here.

Like our writers, we’ve crafted this story to engage and activate the imagination. The page showcases, step-by-step, the elements and features that any writer can use to stand out.

"Wattpad Stars are influencers. They're published authors featured in major press outlets, their works become screen adaptations and major brands commission their stories," says Ashleigh Gardner, Wattpad’s Head of Writer and Publisher Partnerships."The Writer's Hub page provides a crash-course for anyone who wants to reach that level."

Our creative team pushed the boundaries of this design so that users are inspired by the writer’s journey. Through responsive animation and scrolling effects, the Writer’s Hub brings the Wattpad community experience to life.