Wattpad introduces Wattpad Stars to support viral writers and jumpstart careers

Wattpad is proud to announce Wattpad Stars, an accelerator for top writers. The program helps writers take their skills to the next level, and provides brands and publishers with an opportunity to tap into Wattpad’s roster of talented digital influencers.Wattpad Stars are commissioned by top brands to write stories that entertain and engage audiences and some even see their work in print or as screen adaptations. They also receive marketing and support from Wattpad to increase their presence and advance their careers.

A few notable writers whose writing careers have skyrocketed thanks to Wattpad include:  

  • Anna Todd: Anna turned her love for Harry Styles into one of the biggest social media phenomenon’s of 2014. She wrote the story After on Wattpad and it soon became one of the most talked about stories on the Internet. After receiving one billion reads on Wattpad, the company helped her land a six figure publishing deal and film deal with Paramount
  • Rebecca Sky: Commissioned to write for the Athenos campaign and featured in the New York Times
  • Apryl Baker: Commissioned by Universal Pictures to write for the Ouija and Unfriended film promotions
  • Edward Mullen: Commissioned by USA Network and A&E to write for the launch of the television series DIG and The Returned

Wattpad writers who’ve built their online presence, with a knack for creating fun, serial stories, now have direct route to the Wattpad team to jumpstart their careers. We recognize the hard work of these Wattpad Stars and want to help them connect with new opportunities to take their writing to the next level.

For more information on the program, visit https://www.wattpad.com/writers/wattpad-stars/