2015: For The Love of Stories

It’s been an incredible year for Wattpad. In 2015, millions of people around the world turned to Wattpad to find original entertainment about the things they love.

This year, milestones and pop culture moments that trended the world over were explored through fiction, like LBGT rights and, yes, even Kim Kardashian.

In today’s TL;DR era, Wattpad’s new form of entertainment that lets people participate and interact with each other through stories, has captivated millennials to the tune of 13 billion minutes a month. This year, leading CPG and entertainment brands recognized the power of social storytelling and used the platform to connect directly with consumers and fans with incredible results.

On Wattpad, people can play with and participate in stories created by their peers and by the brands they love. As a result, Wattpad stories have millions of reads, thousands of comments, and go viral on and off the platform.

Check out Wattpad’s Year in Review and discover why 2015 was such a big year!