Wattpad Helps Nonprofits Grow Their Audience

Wattpad launched a new website to provide support, advice, and inspiration for nonprofits who want to engage audiences with unique content related to their charitable initiatives.The Wattpad community is passionate about social change, and cause-based content is already popular on the platform. Nonprofits can take advantage of Wattpad’s global reach to inspire and connect with a new generation of supporters. The dedicated website for nonprofits outlines simple ways these organizations can connect with a diverse, young audience of 40 million people and share content that advances their philanthropic efforts.

Here are a few reasons why nonprofits find success on Wattpad:

1) Some notable non-profit organizations are already on Wattpad

There are already some great examples of well-known nonprofit organizations on Wattpad today. Doctors Without Borders has amassed over 55,000K followers to their profile. Their aim is to share inspiring stories from the field to shed a light on what their organization and field workers deal with on a day to day basis. The stories are inspiring, heart breaking, and beautiful all at the same time.

In addition to Doctors Without Borders, WE.org is also on Wattpad. The organization shares stories about how WE.org changes the world with inspiring stories about community transformation and simple acts of love.

Kiva has a profile on Wattpad and shares inspiring photos and stories about people in other countries with big dreams. These stories provide touching backstories about the entrepreneurs available to support for as little as $25.

2) Wattpad already has a passionate and captive audience

Wattpad has more than 40 million people using the platform each month and they spend more than 13 billion minutes per month engaged in stories. So nonprofits can post their content to an audience that already exists, rather than doing the arduous work involved with building a blog readership and trying to promote content on other channels. Building an audience takes time, and while there is still work involved with building a network on Wattpad, half of that work is already done because the audience is already on Wattpad. The community gets excited when they come across a cause that they care about or an organization with whom they are already familiar.

3) Cause-based content is already popular on Wattpad

Wattpad is a great place to start a movement and mobilize a group of young people to take action on issues facing them or the world at large. This type of content isn’t new on Wattpad. In fact, there are several examples of cause-based profiles on Wattpad organized by users. Emily Lindin kept a diary when she was 11 years old. Classmates bullied and teased her and called her a slut. Emily turned to Wattpad 15 years later to publish her diary entries exactly the way her 11 year old self wrote them, in an attempt to help other girls going through the same thing. The story she shared, called The Unslut Project, has amassed over 14 million reads on Wattpad and resonates with young girls of all ages. Another popular movement on Wattpad is No More Bullying. This group claims that 90% of social media-based bullying is ignored. They encourage and prompt users to be the other 10% who stands up for their peers by taking action and raising awareness.

Other cause-based initiatives like Talk the POC and Free the LGBT advocate for underrepresented minorities on Wattpad by sharing their stories and encouraging the community to write more stories that feature these groups.

Nonprofits do important work and create huge impact in many regions of the world. We are delighted to support these champions of change by providing a place for nonprofits to share and connect with an audience that cares.