Nonfiction Surges on Wattpad, Creates New Opportunities for Nonprofits

While fiction can help us escape into imagined worlds, stories based on fact help us connect and find meaning in the world we live in. Last month, people spent 18 million minutes reading nonfiction stories on Wattpad. Many of these stories were shared by nonprofit organizations like Doctors Without Borders and, as well as individuals in the community who champion for social change like Emily Lindin with her story, The UnSlut Project.  Nonprofits have the potential to showcase their inspiring work in a way that fosters community. The Wattpad community is active and engaged. People use comments, messages, and even art to connect with, support, and promote the stories that have moved them. If you want engage with supporters around the world, it’s as easy as joining Wattpad and sharing your story with the passionate community.

On Wattpad, people use stories to highlight issues like diversity in fiction, body positivity, as well as their travel adventures and memoirs. While nonfiction represents a small percentage of the more than 200 million original story uploads currently on Wattpad, the category is growing quickly. Because Nonfiction is a smaller (but growing) category on Wattpad, discoverability is much easier, and in fact, our data shows that nonfiction is one of the most underutilized ways to reach a massive audience.

One of the best tools to leverage for discoverability are story tags. Story tags give people the ability to identify keywords and themes that will attract audiences. Tags also help your story reach the people who are searching for content related to your organization or mission. Top performing profiles use at least 10 tags per story. Here are some of the top tags for nonfiction stories on Wattpad.


Wattpad loves to see important causes and conversations flourish in the community. To learn how your organization or cause can use Wattpad, check out this page.