Fans of the Divergent series spike engagement on Wattpad

Today, the latest installment of the Divergent franchise, Allegiant, hits screens across North America. The bestselling novels and blockbuster films have generated a huge community of fans, many of whom take their love for the series to the next level on Wattpad.The dystopian themes of Divergent have inspired thousands of people across the Wattpad community. Since Fall of 2014, 775 million minutes were spent with over half a million original story uploads related to top story tags in the Divergent universe.

Interestingly, engagement on Wattpad coincides with various marketing and promotion milestones for the film. This makes sense, especially when a highly anticipated movie is released. Fans want to prolong their relationship with the film, and once it’s over, Wattpad offers them a way to hang on to that world.

Check out the infographic below for a quick overview of our findings:

Reading time Line chart
Reading time Line chart

The Divergent fandom is one of many hyper-engaged communities on Wattpad. A wide range of innovative entertainment and consumer brands use Wattpad to reach these audiences through our Brand Stories offering. For brands and marketers, Wattpad stories provide a unique source of evergreen engagement for entertainment-hungry fans.

As the graphic above shows, a huge opportunity exists for marketers during the moments between large announcements and official release dates. If you’re a brand that wants to learn how to create awareness through the power of communities, check out our business page, here.