Connecting People with the Content That Matters To Them

Content discovery is a massive challenge for any user-generated content platform. With millions of stories available on Wattpad, our product and engineering teams work tirelessly to ensure the right content is put in front of the right people, and the global community can search and navigate this content with ease.We recently rolled out a new home experience - the first screen you land on when you open the app, or log in to - to help connect people with the content that matters most to them.

The new browse-focused experience caters to people looking for something to read, without anything specific in mind. It leverages a combination of user data and social connections to provide a personalized discovery experience. This machine learning system will evolve and learn based on a user’s actions (stories read, past votes, profiles followed, etc.) to serve up a variety of relevant content recommendations. As a result,  when people search for their next favorite story on Wattpad, the new experience will return a series of story and profile suggestions based on their preferences, as well as the preferences of people within their social graph.

To learn more about how Wattpad tackled the issue of content discovery, check out Product Manager Seema Lakhani’s case study. The related engineering process is covered in more detail here.

At Wattpad, community is at the heart of everything we do. This latest product update makes it easier for people to discover relevant content and the stories they’ll love.