In The Battle For Fans’ Attention, Batman beats Superman

Today marks a moment that comic book fans around the world have been waiting for: the release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Since the first trailer was released in April, people have spent over 165 million minutes reading Batman and Superman-related stories on Wattpad. These titans of fiction are finally set to clash on the silver screen and the question on everyone's mind is: Who Wins?

At Wattpad, we know the amount of time people spend reading stories about their favorite characters can be a powerful way to measure fan support. Our data team crunched the numbers, and there’s a clear winner on Wattpad. Check out the findings:


Like we saw during the promotion of the Allegiant movie in the Divergent Series, time spent on Batman and Superman-related stories on Wattpad spike soon after trailer releases and other sneak peaks of the movie. Now that the official movie is out, we expect to see another wave of content created by fans who want to extend their experience off the big screen.  

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