Why Online Influencers like Tyler Oakley Thrive on Wattpad

To promote the fall release of his first novel, Binge, YouTube Star Tyler Oakley released excerpts of the book on Wattpad, to the surprise and delight of his many fans. To date, people have spent over one million minutes engaged with the excerpts -  which have been read over 720,000 times, and received more than 30,000 comments.   The release of Binge on Wattpad also reveals some insights for online influencers who may be curious about how to use the app to their advantage.

A Wattpad survey found that 90% of people exposed to the excerpts thought favorably of Binge, while over half of readers said they were much more likely to purchase a physical copy of the completed book.

Tyler Oakley was one of the first YouTube stars to create and promote a Wattpad profile. For fans, Tyler’s presence on Wattpad connected them directly to one of their favourite online celebrities.

So what worked? Well, for one, the Wattpad community loves YouTube and Vine stars. Fandoms on Wattpad gather around everything from established franchises to online stars on the rise. If you have an established online presence, you might just have a passionate fan community on Wattpad.

Since Tyler’s successful release of Binge, other YouTube stars, like Grace Helbig, have joined Wattpad to promote their work and connect with fans. Just as exciting, new features like in story multimedia and improved homepage discoverability, give brands and influencers new tools to reach the hyper-engaged Wattpad community, in more ways than ever.

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To purchase your own copy of Tyler Oakley’s first novel, Binge, follow this link.