Wattpad and Coca-Cola are up for Two Digiday Content Marketing Awards

Wattpad and Coke Up for Two Digiday Awards
Wattpad and Coke Up for Two Digiday Awards

Coca-Cola’s Naughty or Nice campaign on Wattpad is up for a DigiDay Content Marketing  Award in two categories: Best Brand / Influencer Collaboration and Best Use of Native Advertising / Sponsored Content.

Through Wattpad’s Brand Stories offering, Coca-Cola’s three-week holiday campaign in December received 2.3 millionreads in the US and resulted in more than 10.8 million minutes spent with Coca-Cola branded content by fans on Wattpad. The campaign marked the first official CPG multimedia brand campaign on Wattpad with images. Fans spent an average of 60 minutes engaging with Coca-Cola’s branded content, which is significantly higher than Wattpad’s already high average time spent per session.

To achieve this, Wattpad connected Coca-Cola with top influencers who created letters to Santa that were either naughty or nice. These letters were written in the voice of some of the most popular characters from some of the most popular stories on Wattpad.

The fans of these stories went wild for the new content and loved the holiday-themed experience that extended Coca-Cola’s rich history with the holiday season.

We’ll be crossing our fingers and toes until they announce the winners on May 18th at the Digiday Awards Gala in New York City!

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