Reading Time for Game of Thrones Fanfiction Spikes On Wattpad Prior to April Premiere

Since the release of the first trailer for the new season of Game of Thrones in December, reading time for Game of Thrones fanfiction almost doubled on Wattpad. In that time, people have spent over 25 million minutes with stories related to the realm of Westeros on Wattpad (there are more than 80,000!). As with many new forms of content, the lines are blurring. The fan community on Wattpad reshape the fantastic themes of George R.R Martin A Song of Ice and Fire in the same way that HBO has for the television series. The rich landscapes, captivating characters, and epic battles are remixed and reimagined for fans who want to experience the world for longer than an hour-long episode.

The numbers also reinforce what we know about super fans: When they run out of something to watch, they turn to Wattpad and delve into online stories about the fantastical worlds they love. Some read stories in anticipation of a new film, like Superman v Batman. Others look for romance on a day when love takes center stage. Whatever the reason, the world of fiction provides us with a much needed escape.

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