Brand Stories: The Royals Rule Wattpad

Steamy scandal. High drama. The monarchy. These ingredients combine to create the types of stories that satisfy the insatiable appetites of many members of the Wattpad community. When E!’s breakout first original scripted series The Royals was set to return for another drama-filled season, they looked to Wattpad to engage with fans through the creation of a unique profile and two five-part stories exploring the lives of the most loved (and loathed) characters in the show.

During the campaign, a concurrent takeover on our sister app, After Dark, positioned The Royals among the key 17+ female demographic as must-see TV for fans of risqué romance. This was a first branded takeover of After Dark and it resulted in some great lifts in awareness for the series.

The community devoured the exclusive Royals stories on Wattpad and in total spent 4.5 million minutes engaging with The Royals-branded content throughout the season. Throughout the campaign, The Royals’ official profile garnered 33.3 thousand followers—followers that can be retained and engaged with for future campaigns for the show.

Our community uses Wattpad to get even closer to their favourite characters. So when The Royals on Wattpad offered both established series fans and prospective new viewers a look into the secret lives of characters like Queen Helena, Prince Liam, and Princess Eleanor—the community embraced the chance to get up close and personal.

The Royals campaign was a huge success, demonstrating that, when it comes to entertainment, brands on Wattpad—native content reigns supreme.