TV5 and Wattpad Presents: original stories make it big on the small screen

Every month, over 45 million people connect with original stories on Wattpad—but for many members of the community, Wattpad is about so much more. In the Philippines, with a user-base of 5 million and counting, Wattpad is one of the country’s most popular social networks. Wattpad is also a major player in primetime entertainment, and while the rest of the world curls up with a story before bed, people across the Philippines watch Wattpad stories on TV. Wattpad Presents is a weekly series produced by leading Filipino network TV5 in partnership with Wattpad Studios. Each week the series adapts stories from within the Wattpad community for the small screen. It may seem like an unlikely partnership, but with over 250 million original stories by more than 2 million creators, Wattpad has a singular ability to deal in entertainment at its most atomic level—stories.

To date, Wattpad Presents has aired nearly 265 episodes comprised of nearly 65 original Wattpad stories. The show has reached over 2 million viewers with an average audience of 1.6 million per episode. Through the popularity of Wattpad Presents, TV5 has already seen a 30 percent jump in total viewership year over year from 2014 to 2015, including a healthy increase from the elusive teen market of which the show captured 12.6 percent.

What makes Wattpad Presents such a success? The stories! More than 24 hours of reading material is posted to Wattpad every minute, and Wattpad stories are available in over 50 languages. These original stories reflect the experiences, tastes and imaginations of the diverse and talented Wattpad community. Through Wattpad Stars, we’re able to identify and work with our top-tier writers to help them promote and monetize their work. Wattpad Studios is always on the hunt for engaging, culturally relevant stories and creators that appeal to local markets, and is actively partnering with entertainment leaders like Paramount Pictures and United Talent Agency.

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