Meet the Wattpad Stars: Jen Wilde

Today we introduce you to Jen Wilde, Aussie fangirl extraordinaire with a penchant for zombies and the paranormal. Jen joined Wattpad in 2012 and was instantly hooked. Today, her stories have received over four million reads and her writing has been featured in the epic anthology, Imagines: Celebrity Encounters Starring You, produced by Gallery Books in partnership with Wattpad Studios.When asked about her start on Wattpad, Jen had this to say: “I started posting my first story, As They Rise, and made friends with other writers whose stories I loved. In the years since, I’ve made more friends and written five stories. I self-published my zombie series, my paranormal romance is published by Limitless Publishing and I landed a dream-come-true deal with Swoon Reads. It’s been an amazing experience so far and I have to say joining Wattpad is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!”

For Jen, the decision to join Wattpad would ultimately result in her acceptance into the Wattpad Stars program. A milestone moment that left Jen buzzing. “I was at home, in my kitchen, staring at my laptop screen in jittery excitement. I’d been wanting to be a part of the Wattpad Stars since I first heard of it, so it was an amazing feeling to know I’d made it.”

Jen is truly unique in her approach to storytelling. Her fiction plays with the paranormal in a way that appeals to variety of audiences. For that reason, her works have been used to promote films like The Fifth Wave and Pride, Prejudice, & Zombies on Wattpad. “I loved having the creative freedom to create my own story based on those worlds and had a lot of fun writing them,” says Jen. “These projects helped me grow my writing skills and also introduced new readers to my work.”

Aside from working with the biggest names in entertainment, it’s the connection with new readers that keeps Jen coming back to Wattpad. “I think social media has provided more opportunities for creatives to express themselves and gain recognition for their work. It also creates a direct line for writers to connect with their readers, which I personally love. Being able to talk with readers and get to know them – whether we’re talking about my stories or the latest episode of The Walking Dead – is so much fun for me.”

Jen is currently working on Queens of Geek, a story set to be published next year. Astonishingly, wIth so much on-the-go Jen still finds time for her favourite Wattpad Stories: “I have so many Wattpad stories that I can’t wait to catch up on, like Spook by @jeepersgigi and Paper Wishes by @spencerhoshino.”

Like many of the Wattpad Stars, Jen advises people on Wattpad to stay active and engaged within the Wattpad community. “Try not to judge your worth or the worth of your writing on how many reads or votes it gets.” says Jen, “I’ve found the best way to reach people on Wattpad is to keep writing, keep posting chapters, and make friends. Read other people’s stories, give positive feedback, and make genuine friendships with people.”

Perhaps the best piece of advice Jen can offer writers aiming to reach the Stars program, however, is this: “If writing is something that makes you happy, don’t give up on it.”

Stay tuned for more instalments of Meet The Wattpad Stars. If you’re a brand looking work with these Stars or an entertainment studio hoping to partner with Wattpad Studios to find your next hit story, Get in touch!