5 Reasons You Should Take Part in The Wattys

Last year, The Wattys became the biggest online writing competition on the planet. Our annual writing celebration brought in over 75,000 entries from 180 countries to completely smash records from previous years.The Wattys provide a world of opportunity for writers of all levels and launches this month on Monday, June 20th. Today, we’ll outline the top five reasons to get involved with the 2016 edition of The Wattys.

1) Exposure

Taking part in The Wattys is a great way to get started on Wattpad. A story tagged #Wattys2016 will help people find your work and help you get to the reads, votes, and engagement necessary to get your works discovered. Last year, The Wattys supported seven languages and people spent almost 1.2 billion minutes reading Wattys entries in English alone.

2) Instant credibility

Each Wattys award winner receives a custom digital sticker for their story cover. This badge of honor has become synonymous with quality content in the community. Additionally, Wattys winners are featured in multiple Wattpad reading lists and hosted on the winners page.

3) Global reach

In 2015, we opened up The Wattys in 7 languages for the first time ever. Winning stories were selected in English, Filipino, Turkish, Russian, German, Spanish, and Portuguese. This year, we’ve gone even bigger with a total of 22 languages supported. If you want to reach Wattpad’s monthly audience of 45 million people, The Wattys is a great place to start.

4) More ways to win

There are multiple awards up for grabs this year in ten categories. New categories, like Visual Storytelling, will award unique uses of Wattpad’s multimedia feature while the new Trailblazers award aims to uncover the most innovative voices on Wattpad. Follow the official Wattys account, here, to find out more about these categories as soon as the information is available.

5) Community

The Wattys is an annual event like no other. Awards aside, The Wattys help connect the passionate storytellers on Wattpad with the massive and engaged audiences in the Wattpad community. More than a contest, The Wattys is a celebration. This global carnival is marked on the calendars of every passionate Wattpadder because it stirs up energy, conversation, and great original stories. By participating in The Wattys, you’ll find out why people spend over 15 billion minutes every month on Wattpad.

Promo .GIF for the Wattys
Promo .GIF for the Wattys