En Unión y Libertad: Wattpad Celebrates 200 Years of Argentinian Independence

On July 9th, Argentina will celebrate 200 years of independence. The milestone event will spur celebrations across the country and ignite the community of storytellers that visit Wattpad from across Argentina. People in Argentina have shared over two and a half million story uploads on Wattpad. They also spent approximately 165 million minutes on Wattpad last month alone!

Here’s what our Wattpad Ambassador, Natalia Alejandra, has to say about the milestone event and Argentinian community on Wattpad: “Argentina won its independence 200 years ago. This is a great reason to celebrate, but I feel we still have a long way to go to earn our place in the world...I can say the Argentine community in Wattpad is a very committed and talented one. A great majority of the Spanish ambassadors are from this country, and a lot of great authors as well. We like to participate and we love to meet up!”

There have already been six meet-ups in Argentina since the first one in January, 2015. In fact, Argentina was the first Spanish country to host a Wattpad meet-up.

“There's a lot in our culture influencing how we live in communities,” says Natalia, “We have the mate, and the Sunday asado. We tend to always have a reason to gather in large groups to celebrate, or to do whatever...I think over time our community is just going to get bigger and stronger.”

People in Argentina share a variety of stories on Wattpad in a multitude of categories. Facundo Caivano joined Wattpad two years ago. Since then, his epic thriller Z: El Senor De Los Zombies has received almost two and a half million reads.

Other Wattpad Ambassadors like Nadin Velazquez and Annsyn Rodd have been invaluable members of our community. Thanks to people like them, the Argentinian community on Wattpad has become one of the largest and most active on the platform.

For the people who are out in the streets of Argentina, celebrating 200 years of independence, congratulations and we wish you all the best. The memories and stories shared over that grand expanse of time (and in the future) will always have a home on Wattpad.