Suicide Squad Characters and Cast Remind Us Why People Love Villains

This Friday, the much anticipated Suicide Squad film debuts in theaters. The cast boasts enough star power to shock any title to life, but it’s also one of the first big-budget blockbusters to focus on a team of villains. Pop-culture junkies love to praise a good villain and, unsurprisingly, this phenomenon has also found it’s way to Wattpad. Since 2016, people have spent almost 365 million minutes reading stories in this reading list full of Wattpad’s top bad-boy stories.

Almost 1 million stories have been tagged badboy, villain, or, antihero. The Dangerous Love profile curated by Wattpad also reveals a spectrum of popular story themes. That’s good news for villains.

Storytellers know that a good villain goes a long way. They’re the reason heroes begin journeys and the most notable villains can steal away an audience's attention. Characters like the Suicide Squad’s Harley Quinn have inspired tens of thousands of original story uploads on Wattpad.

When the credits roll this Friday night, the aspiring storytellers and fans of the world can turn to Wattpad to keep the story going. It’s something we’ve seen happen for other anticipated films like Superman Vs. Batman: Dawn of Justice.

Whether you’re rooting for the hero or the villain, you can get you fix on Wattpad.