300 Million Story Uploads and One Big Thanks

That’s right. On Wattpad, over 300 million story uploads have been shared to-date. That number’s more than five times larger than the New York Public Library's entire catalog and almost double that of the Library of Congress.At Wattpad, we know that everyone has a story to share. It’s why we support over 50 languages and connect storytellers and audiences from virtually every country in the world.

We also understand how challenging and nerve-racking it can be to share your first story. So, to the millions of people who actively post on Wattpad every month, we’d like to say thank you and congratulations! Together, we’ve tripled the amount of uploads available in February of 2015.

You’ve created inspiring communities for body positivity, co-written fiction with YouTube celebrities, and of course, let your fandom flags fly! We’ve also come a long way since the earliest versions of Wattpad to provide an app that works on almost every mobile device.

Wattpad Product Family
Wattpad Product Family

Every month 45 million people discover, comment, and share the stories available on Wattpad. For over 15 billion minutes, our global community connects with original stories they love. Thanks to the storytellers of the world, those numbers are only going up!

If you’re a storyteller hoping to contribute to the growing catalogue of stories on Wattpad, check out these great classes from some of our Wattpad Stars.