Supernatural Season 12 Premiere Spikes Fan Engagement on Wattpad

Supernatural is one of the most beloved shows and active fandoms on the internet. To celebrate today’s return of the Winchesters and Supernatural Season 12, we looked into how big the fandom has become on Wattpad.Since January, people have spent over 123 million minutes reading Supernatural-related stories. That’s enough time to watch the entire series over 10,000 times!

On Wattpad, people connect around the things they love. When a season ends, fans seek out fanfiction, story-art, and like-minded communities to extend their experience. When season 11 of Supernatural ended on May 25th, 2016, reading time for Supernatural-related stories rose by 14% in just a week.

We’ve also noted reading time spikes around announcements for other popular fandoms like Game of Thrones in the Wattpad community, Supernatural is no exception. After actors Jared Padalecki and Jen Ackels dropped this Season 12 spoiler reading time spiked by over 57% the next week.

To find our why the Supernatural community on Wattpad is so active, we checked in with expert and Wattpad Star, Annie Lange:

"When you first find yourself part of an enormous fandom like Supernatural, you might think it would be hard to make friends or get noticed. Not true! I’ve been in a LOT of fandoms - from The X-Files to Marvel - and nothing has ever come close to the easy camaraderie I’ve found with my fellow Supernatural fans,” said Annie.” Without fail they have shown themselves to be passionate, caring, and supportive to a fault. There’s a wildly diverse population of readers and writers too, so whatever your taste or preference, there’s a story out there for you. And if there’s not? Write it! Readers will come. There is literally no better fandom."

With Season 12 of Supernatural starting today, fans of the series are undoubtedly excited. If after tonight’s episode you can’t wait to find out what happens next, you can immerse yourself in over half a million Supernatural tagged stories on Wattpad.

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