Another Dream Come True: Isabelle Ronin’s Chasing Red to be Published by Sourcebooks

Exactly one year ago, Isabelle Ronin finished serializing her story Chasing Red on Wattpad. Today, we’re thrilled to share that Sourcebooks, a leading independent book publisher, has acquired the worldwide English rights to Isabelle’s story. Sourcebooks will release Chasing Red in two volumes, and the first one will be available this September.

Readers around the world quickly became obsessed with Isabelle’s story about a cynical straight-A college student and a notorious basketball player. In fact, Chasing Red is one of the most-read Wattpad stories of 2016. Fans spent a whopping 148 million minutes, the equivalent of 282 years, reading Isabelle’s work!

Chasing Red has a voracious fan base that has created thousands of reviews, multiple trailers, fan art, and even a petition to turn the story into a major motion picture.

“I wouldn’t be where I am today if not for the positivity, support, and love from my readers,” said Isabelle Ronin. “They helped me believe in myself. Knowing they were on the other end of the story, waiting for my next update, kept me writing.”

The story’s massive engagement that has also lead several international publishers to acquire Chasing Red, including Hachette Livre, HarperCollins Germany, Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial, and Mondadori.

“We’re so happy that we could play a role in helping Isabelle realize her dream of being a published author,” said Ashleigh Gardner, head of partnerships for Wattpad Studios.

“I was once struggling to find my place in life - my purpose. Sharing my story on Wattpad and connecting with so many incredible people in the community helped me realize a dream I’ve had most of my life.” Isabelle Ronin added.

Congratulations, Isabelle, we can’t wait to see Chasing Red in bookstores around the world! You can pre-order your copy of Chasing Red, here.