Chat-Style Stories Just Got Better With The Latest Tap by Wattpad Update

The world has been tapping away since we introduced Tap by Wattpad, an app for short, chat-style stories. The new app lets people discover, create, and share stories told via text messages. Users advance the story forward by tapping to uncover the next part.

We’ve already seen an incredible 350 million taps made by excited readers who can’t wait to reveal the next part of their favorite Tap story (with roughly 200,000 new taps added every hour).

We recently rolled out new features that make the experience more immersive and addicting.

Introducing Reactions

Reactions are a fun and easy way for audiences to express how they feel as they read Tap stories. To add a Reaction, users press the chat bubble to make a variety of emoji options appear and then select the one they want to react with. When users long press (press and hold), the Reaction is intensified. Reactions are grouped under the chat bubble making it easy for other readers to see how people are responding to a Tap story.


Easily Share Your Favorite Chats

Quote Art is a popular feature of the core Wattpad app, and we’re excited to bring a similar feature to Tap on iOS. With the new feature, users can select up to five consecutive lines of Tap messages and compile them into a single image for easy sharing with friends across email, text, and social media. The image can also be added to a user’s camera roll for additional sharing options.


New Local Content

We’ve translated some of the most popular English-language Tap stories like Hide, Friend Zone Fail, and The Vampire’s Wingman into a variety of languages for people around the world to enjoy. With the new update, Tap offers chat-style stories in 10 languages, including: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Filipino, Turkish, Hindi, and Bahasa Indonesian. What’s more, the entire experience has been translated in these languages to help users better navigate through the app. With thousands of new Tap stories added every day, there’s always something new to discover!

Tap by Wattpad builds on what we know: Storytellers and audiences love new ways to connect and engage over original content. Tap delivers a truly an immersive entertainment experience, and now, it includes new features that can’t be found in any other storytelling app.

If you haven’t tried Tap by Wattpad yet, you can download it for free from iTunes and the Google Play Store.