We’re Celebrating The Release of Lindsey Summer’s Textrovert by Asking Millennials and Teens About Their Texting Habits

50% Admit They’ve Texted From Another Person’s Phone Pretending to be Them

A few years ago, Wattpad Star Lindsey Summers (@DoNotMicrowave) was out for a walk when she noticed a guy in front of her drop his phone. As she picked it up to return it to him, she was struck with an idea for a story about what happens when phones get swapped and text messages have to be relayed. This idea became The Cell Phone Swap, a mega-hit on Wattpad with 90 million reads.

Today, we’re very excited to share that Lindsey’s story is available in bookstores and online. Published as Textrovert by KCP Loft, an imprint of Kids Can Press, the novel is edited and expanded from the Wattpad version. “I never imagined writing The Cell Phone Swap on Wattpad would lead to a publishing deal!” Lindsey exclaims.

“Texting is something everyone can relate to,” she adds. In Textrovert, Lindsey explores the confusion and hilarity that ensues when phones get swapped. Funny, surprising, and full of heart, this romance offers something for every reader. “Texting gives the two main characters in Textrovert a chance to open up and say things they normally wouldn’t reveal. Of course, when they finally meet, they have to learn how to transition from text to IRL. Something I’m sure a lot of us struggle with!”

While serializing the story on Wattpad, Lindsey received a ton of comments and messages from fans sharing their own adventures in texting. In honor of the release of Textrovert, we asked Lindsey’s fans and other teens and millennials about their texting habits and the results are pretty interesting. We wonder what Textrovert characters Keeley and Talon would say!


We love to see Wattpadders realize their dreams - congratulations, Lindsey!

If you’re a fan of YA, grab your copy of Textrovert today!