Introducing Wattpad Labs


We’re excited to announce the launch of Wattpad Labs, an innovation lab for emerging products involving a 3-month paid residency at Wattpad HQ in Toronto. Wattpad Labs offers people outside of the company, who are just as passionate about entertainment as we are, a chance to work with us to develop the next breakthrough storytelling product.

We live in exciting and disruptive times. The nature of entertainment continues to evolve as emerging platforms and technologies hatch new ways for the world to create and enjoy stories. We want to work with ambitious and entrepreneurial teams to produce next-generation storytelling products that will transform the entertainment landscape.

During the 3-month residency, teams will develop, validate and iterate on their storytelling product under the supervision and mentorship of the Wattpad Labs leadership team. Not only will they receive mentorship, but teams will gain the ability to test concepts against Wattpad’s community of 55 million people and access to IT infrastructure. There’ll also be significant upside opportunities for teams that successfully graduate from the program, as well as a chance lead the charge on scaling the new business as full-time Wattpad employees.

Interested in applying to Wattpad Labs? Check out this website to learn more about the program and the application process.

Over a decade ago, Wattpad reinvented storytelling for the mobile and social age. Wattpad Labs is how Wattpad is powering next-generation products that will set even more stories free.

We can’t wait to see what product concepts your team dreams up!