Introducing Tap Originals - Premium Serialized Chat Stories with Multimedia Elements


Since the launch of Tap by Wattpad, the world has devoured hundreds of thousands of captivating and addictive chat stories, racking up a whopping 2 billion taps on the app. Tap has made storytelling through text message conversations a phenomenon, and now it’s upping the ante. Today Tap launches Tap Originals, which will bring premium original content to the app and introduce immersive new features that will have readers hooked until the very last message.


Tap Originals offers curated, commissioned stories, developed in partnership with top-tier writers. Tap Originals supplement the over 300,000 existing stories in more than 10 languages already available on Tap. These new stories are produced by experts in creating high-octane, realistic chat content. Readers can look forward to new stories across a spectrum of genres like suspense, horror and drama. Some Tap Originals stories will be released episodically, so audiences can look forward to new, cliffhanging chapters every week. Best of all? Like the rest of Tap, this fresh new content will be free to all users.

Tap Originals also brings chat stories to life in a new way by weaving multimedia into each story, inspired by the ever-evolving ways our phones allow us to communicate. Stories will go beyond text, bringing plotlines and key moments alive with enticing features like video, sound, images, voice notes and even choose-your-own-ending. Social storytelling has never been this lifelike. 

Look for these titles and more on Tap by Wattpad today.

HIDE: No Way Out - The sequel to hit Tap story Hide. Ever since her daughter Lucy was admitted into Sacred Heart Psychiatric Hospital, Julia has been hearing strange noises in the attic. Sleepless texts to Lucy’s doctor and family members send Julia into a tailspin. Is Lucy home?

MOLLY: The Returned - Part two of the Molly saga, we find out more about what happened to Molly, the missing girl who set an entire community ablaze with paranoia. This part of the story puts the reader in a new character’s shoes—the neighbor. Follow the twists and choose your own ending until you know for sure: what really happened to Molly?