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Comedy Spotlight: Humor writer Andrew Shaffer on how Wattpad helps his comedy writing

April 01, 2016

There are people who claim they don’t suffer fools gladly. We think those people are probably lying. April Fools’ Day is a 24-hour window where it’s socially acceptable to test the limits of our own comedic tomfoolery - and shed light on those who ...

Nonfiction Surges on Wattpad, Creates New Opportunities for Nonprofits

March 09, 2016

While fiction can help us escape into imagined worlds, stories based on fact help us connect and find meaning in the world we live in. Last month, people spent 18 million minutes reading nonfiction stories on Wattpad. Many of these stories were ...

Wattpad Helps Nonprofits Grow Their Audience

February 29, 2016

Wattpad launched a new website to provide support, advice, and inspiration for nonprofits who want to engage audiences with unique content related to their charitable initiatives.The Wattpad community is passionate about social change, and ...

The UnSlut Project: How a Private Diary Became a Social Movement

February 26, 2016

In 2013, Emily Lindin did something incredibly brave. She shared her grade-school diary that chronicled her experiences being labeled the school ‘slut’ with the world. Emily hoped it would put a spotlight on an issue young women face all too often: ...