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Share Your Favorite Wattpad Quotes on Facebook

August 12, 2016

Social promo image You may have noticed a growing trend on ...

Comedy Spotlight: Humor writer Andrew Shaffer on how Wattpad helps his comedy writing

April 01, 2016

There are people who claim they don’t suffer fools gladly. We think those people are probably lying. April Fools’ Day is a 24-hour window where it’s socially acceptable to test the limits of our own comedic tomfoolery - and shed light on those who ...

Stories go viral with Wattpad’s Quote Art feature

July 24, 2015

Over 35 million quotes shared using the exclusive featureThe right words can stop you in your tracks. We return to beautifully written passages and re-read all the funny parts in our favorite stories. When words excite and move us, we want to tell ...